FICA Philadelphia is a non-profit organization which represents the local chapter of the Fundaçao Internacional de Capoeira Angola (FICA) -in English: the International Capoeira Angola Foundation (ICAF). This organization is headed by world-renowned mestres of Capoeira Angola: Mestre Jurandir (Founder) and Mestre Valmir (Founder). FICA is represented around the world in several chapters across multiple countries. FICA Philadelphia is locally led by Mestre Kamau and Contramestre Eva.

As Capoeira Angola synthesizes movement, rhythm, and African-Brazilian history into an artistic form of self-expression, it serves as a unique tool that promotes harmony with others and allows for individual growth. In the past we have given demonstrations, held workshops, hosted a conference, and taught children's classes in order to expose local communities to Capoeira Angola. In our efforts to accomplish our mission, we continue to search for opportunities in which we can make Capoeira Angola visible and accessible to these communities.

Our Mission

In 1993, the founding members of our chapter introduced classes in the Philadelphia area to spread the rich heritage of the martial art form known as Capoeira Angola. Since then, FICA Philadelphia has dedicated itself to establishing a strong base in this region while supporting local community development. We work to foster community growth and enrichment through the preservation of the Capoeira Angola tradition and African history throughout Philadelphia and its regions.

Community Work

In addition to our regular classes and rodas, FICA Philadelphia is also involved in local community work such as public workshops and demonstrations, educational progamming in schools/universities, organizing of cultural events, and involvement in social justice movements. We are renowned for our yearly presence and participation at the Odunde African Street Festival.