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2015 FICA-PHILADELPHIA Bananeira-thon

posted Apr 8, 2016, 2:37 PM by FICA Philadelphia
This year, FICA-Philadelphia is hosting a Bananeira-thon fundraiser! Our goal is to bring three FICA mestres (teachers) from Brazil to Philadelphia in June 2016. Mestre Jurandir, Mestre Valmir & Mestre Cobra Mansa will provide workshops, lessons, and participate in our annual Odunde Festival roda

The word bananeira describes a deceptive, balancing handstand movement in which the feet can be used to strike or attack.  Like other movements, bananeira takes some years to perfect and represents one’s ability to play Capoeira.  The sway and balance of this movement resembles the tall banana tree called by its name in Brasilian Portuguese, bananeiraThe bananeira is thought to have originated from the use of the handstand by an Nganga (Bantu healers and spiritual leaders) by showing their spiritual connection to the ancestors who walk on their hands in the spirit world.

Similar to a regular marathon, participants in a bananeira-thon seek sponsors for the distance that they can ‘walk’.  But in the case of bananeira-thon, this distance must be walked upside-down in a handstand

Here's how you can contribute:

1) Come early to our November Roda and sponsor a member of our group by pledging $1-$2 per foot walked in bananeira, or contribute a flat-rate $$ donation! 

2) Click below to donate a flat-rate amount:

We hope you can support our effort!